It’s Not About The Money

Men think they are attractive because they are powerful. Or smart. Or fit.

Let me tell you a secret.

I know the truth about what women find most attractive in a man – and it’s not money and it’s not a title.

I once asked one of my daughters, what would a woman do for a man who can dance? 

And my daughter said, “Anything.”

I tell my teenage sons, if you can dance, if you can cook, you will be absolutely devastating to women. If, on top of these attributes, you also read novels, you basically sit them up and knock them down. 

When my brother and my sister-in-law dance at a wedding, they clear the floor. They took dancing lessons years ago. Years ago, my husband and I also signed up for dance lessons. We were asked to leave by the instructor when my husband thought his steps were an improvement on the accepted steps. My spouse would still tell you that the instructor was just jealous because he could bust a move better than the instructor could. 

The truth about most men when they dance – unlike women, they did not practice dancing in front of mirrors or in their rooms with their friends – is that they look like grasshoppers on neurotoxins. I taught my sons the basics of a partner jive and they said that this, and the ability to make peanut stew, has been responsible for their enormous collective allure. 

I’m sure that other qualities really were responsible. But … that jive didn’t hurt. -JM

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