Starring Prima!

Published by: Harper Collins
Release Date: May 4, 2004
ISBN13: 978-0060573560


At her birth, the youngest daughter of the mouse family Pianissima, born in a broken grand piano backstage at a huge theater, decides she will not only be a dancer of the Ballet Rodente, the dance company of mice her aged grandmother, Madame Mouiselle, has headed in a little-used box seat in the theater since she came from Paris, but a dancer for people and other creatures. This decision leads her into many harrowing adventures, and to a friendship with a human child, Kristen, who can understand Prima’s speech, and who takes her, in her pocket, literally around the world as they travel with Kristen’s mother, the Prima ballerina Antoinette Brown — Prima’s namesake. It is a story of friendship, loyalty across age and species, and of loss and acceptance, for Prima is a grown mouse and a mother before Kristen even becomes a teenager. Called my best novel by some critics, it is a book that even older children find funny and punny, as well as moving. The sweet line drawings are by Tricia Tusa.


“A rollicking adventure.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Sometimes amusing, sometimes touching, this charming fantasy is just right for young balletomanes”