Rosalie, My Rosalie

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Published by: Harper Collins
Release Date: April 12, 2005
ISBN13: 978-0060722197


Named for her father, Henry Marie wants a pet so bad it hurts — a kitten, a horse, even a little sister would do!

But her parents nix every idea Henry has, until one day her farmer father comes home with a little creature he rescued from a restaurant basement, just hours before she was to become Peking Duck.

Rosalie becomes Henry’s constant, sometimes irksome, but always beloved companion. But ducklings grow up; and they become as fierce as guard dogs when it comes to the little girls they love. When that happens, something must be done, and Henry knows it may mean that she and Rosalie will part. But when they do, something happens Henry could never have imagined, that both breaks her heart and makes it as strong as any mother’s for her child.