Ready, Set, School!

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Published by: HarperCollins
Release Date: June 26, 2007
Pages: 32
ISBN13: 978-0060507664


Rory is scared of being away from home for the first time, especially when his sleeping bag is so comfortable . . . but he doesn’t want his parents treating him like a baby kit anymore. He’ll get to stay up until morning if he sleeps over at his cousins’ house. It could even help Rory conquer his biggest fear: starting Remarkable Raccoon Suburban School, which means nights away from his folks. Is Rory ready to show everyone—including his parents—that he’s ready to go anywhere?


“The story unrolls at a leisurely pace, and there are heavy messages about finding the courage to try new things. What feels fresh are the whimsical details of the raccoon world—the school curriculum (centering around evading garage doors opening gates), the nocturnal schedule that lets raccoon kits play all night—all amusingly captured in the colorful, clean-lined artwork. The gentle story, with its final twist about parents’ fears, will comfort many nervous new students.”