Cheers for Fears

I’ve been asking my readers and friends: share your favorite silly (or not so silly) phobia.

Mine — when people fold paper and then run their fingers along it? It gives me chills of horror just to think about it.

Syrup. When I was about four, I chased my mom into the corner grocery store, and ran smack into this  pyramid display of about 40 glass bottles of maple syrup. (Who makes a PYRAMID of maple syrup bottles?) There was a storm of glass and a spreading lake of syrup and blood … never ate maple syrup again.
REALLY big birds. They’re just too prehistoric.

Malls. This is self-explanatory.

But the big one, the only one that is real is … being lost, on foot or in the car. Being lost, rural or urban, night or day, makes me feel as though I’m at the edge of the apocalypse.

Now for others …

Paper cuts

Eating meat that’s identifiable as the animal it was when it was alive

Cotton, the kind in aspiring bottles

Dark water


Felt (not as in “a deeply felt narrative,” but the cloth)

The sound of a sewing machine

Dogs barking

Train whistles at night


And the biggest number of votes … of course, clowns.


  1. I have a phobia of driving on highways. I feel like I am on a roller coaster and can’t get off. It is a terrible phobia to have and has basically controlled my life where and where I can not go.

    i also am terrified of getting lost. I feel like I am in a corn maze (which I will NEVER step foot into btw) and can not find my way out.

  2. Once had a friend who had a real phobia of bridges. Living in a river town made everyday tasks a challenge. Every trip had to be planned in advance to help her avoid ever having to cross a bridge. And for those times when it was impossible to avoid, she kept a hammer and screwdriver in the glove compartment to ensure she could get out if the car ended up in the river.

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